Never Broke Again

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Never Broke Again, is a short and sweet original E-book, written by the Admin of This is a basic guide to waking up and seeing reality for what it really is. Manipulated and controlled. The economy and society depend on the idea of money and always trying to get bigger profits and paychecks. It has made people slaves to the idea of money and what we use it for…

My job is to wake people up. To guide them and to help them break their old money habits.  Change is one of the best things people can do to grow. So let’s get started.



Imagine a world, where you were Never Broke Again… Where you were actually able to get ahead like all of those rich people you see on social media and the news! If only, there was a way to make loads of money online and offline, that you could start today… Oh wait there is, but it’s not taught in school! They don’t want you to know this information… They? The rich with the economic power of course…

Well, you’re in luck! Every day, someone else wakes up from the hourly employee title and yearns for something more. A life that you only seem to see in ads or on other people’s social media accounts. How did they get there?! How do I get from here, to THERE?!

1 review for Never Broke Again

  1. Dylantj7065

    Completely original content! Love this simple guide

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