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Financial freedom- the secret of success from investment, real estate, stock market wealth, profit, investment, internet marketing, millionaire, income, security, opportunities, home-based business, money, cash, fortune!!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad series and other books on personal finance really got me interested and wondered why school and college didn’t teach us how to be financially intelligent.

Ultimately, whether all these books have been fictionalized or are real stories are debatable.

The important point here is that it advocates financial independence through investing, real estate, owning businesses, and other means of money generating and protection tactics.

Most of us are hunger and aspire to achieve financial freedom. When one’s work in an organization without decision making capability. Management will dictate your financial well being.

You will bear the consequence of management failure, within or beyond their control. It could be external macro factors such as – market environment, competition, government policies, act of god…… intentionally or unintentionally. You will bear the fruits of management mistake – retrenchment, downsizing, pay cut, and stagnant pay.

“Passion” Searching

What happens next…..? You start to look for another job. Maybe this time around, your clover luck brings fortune, you manage to secure…actually… wrong words to use — you get a job working in a big blue-chip company, maybe better, work as a civil service technician.

In your mind, you must be thinking – have I finally made it in life?!

Your income from salary may or may not be able to support your daily living expense. Or maybe you are one of the millions out there still struggling to pay mortgage loan, car loan, credit card, utility, and telephone bill…bills that are never-ending…….

5 years later – did you make it? Or actually, just more taxes and bills.

Maybe you are very fortunate, able to find a job that the paycheck exceeds your current living expense. Maybe you are one of the fortunate few that earn a good income working in the top echelon of an organization.

But ask yourself this question – Are you happy? Are you out of the everyday rat race? Are you out of the merciless office politics? Are you out of getting stuck in the daily morning traffic jams that never seem to subside?

It could be true that you like your job. Excellent….! But are you growing your money?

Enter Compound Effect

Are you using the power of compounding to accumulate wealth so that when there is a day that you finally decided to quit your job, you have a mountain of wealth supporting you?

It is only when you have reached that financial stage that you can proudly say, “I do what I love to do because I want to!!”

Financial freedom does not simply mean free of debt, debt is another expense. As long as one passive investment income is able to cover all expenses, one is considered as financially free.

This large enough “nest egg” passive investment should also be easily be liquidated if there a need.

In simplified terms, financial freedom is where one does not need to work for money, but let money your work for you!!

“How do you achieve it?” It could be achieved by finding, learning, and putting time, effort, and money into building something (passive investment) that creates income profitably and consistently, long after you have ‘completed the building’.

There are many ways to build such a money-making machine. It could be an investment or trading of stock, forex, future, commodity, or whatsoever financial instrument that can generate money.

Why The Internet?

Internet marketing, MLM, business ventures and real estate ownership for rental/capital income are other forms of money-making vehicle.

The biggest obstacle to financial freedom is not everyone has the necessary skills, experience, know-how, and money to build it.

The key to wealth is to find something that suits one’s ability and build it.

The “money generating machine” may be more than one, it could be multiple machines.

How big or how many machines you intend to build will greatly depend on one’s desire, capital, and risk management level.

Everyone is different. The important point is you must be the one in control of those decisions that affect your life!

Your chosen path to financial freedom will also greatly depend on your interest and the amount of money you have.

It is true that you need money to generate money, but it is also true that you can create wealth with little money.

Many wealthy men and women have proven that if there is a will, there is always a way!!

If you seriously want to achieve financial greatness, you must first eliminate all subconscious blocks you have towards money-making.

You must finally free your mind to create the wealth that you deserve!!

Create Your Wealth!


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