Running With No Destination

How To Invest In Yourself
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One step after another, the one and only Forrest Gump runs across the United States. Where is he going everyone asked? He had no answer. No plan. No reason for his decision. He just felt like running.

Same goes for running a business. A business with no direction or destination can be profitable and durable. However, with no real plan or destination, everyone runs out of steam at some point down the road..

Running is a lot like life. Easy at times, harder most of the time. However, these hard times are what makes us the stronger people you see all around you.

Having a goal or destination in mind keeps you from veering off into the other side of traffic.

It keeps you running straight West the entire time with no sidetracks or misdirection. Mistakes can be made, however, you never learn if you don’t ever make a mistake.

Where are we to go in life with no long-term plan?

Do you have a plan? Who is involved with it?

Are you planning on working until the day you die? For someone else’s company??

What happens when your retirement money runs out earlier than imagined?

Too many questions, in too little time..

These are major questions you must ask yourself before you are fully convinced it’s too late to make a change..

Luckily, there are dozens of good folk out there wishing to help you and me as much as humanly possible.

Through positivism and healthy connections, anything is possible.

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