Prioritizing in a Pandemic

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Everyone’s lives have changed since this pandemic. Jobs lost, loved ones passed on, and entire sections of business almost wiped out.

There is no better time than now, to prioritize the things most important for you and your family’s safety. What is there to prioritize? Well, did you lose your job? Probably a good idea to look into more than one source of income for times like these!

One of the best tools the world economy gives us is the ability to have multiple flows of income! This is a very shallow topic, hardly ever discussed if you’re not a passive income community member already..

In this world, you have to work and earn your money. Either it’s trading time for money, or creating an automated strategy that allows for much less time spent on keeping it up and running.


Passive income consists of putting a large amount of work in the beginning, and you are slowly able to do less and less. As the business or income channel grows, so does your entire brand, company, or online website.

Prioritize Where You Spend Your Time

After work, do you sit down and start working on a Youtube channel? Or anything that may turn into another flow of income? 80% of U.S citizens are consumers. Not creators.

No doubt there us an abundance of creators, however in my opinion everyone should be creating something for themselves other than a paycheck. In my eyes, a paycheck is one of the worst things you can get.

Being under the control of money just to meet ends meet with bills and everything else hat costs money! Why in the world would people want to rely on one flow of income?

Sure, it’s possible. People have been doing this since the beginning of modern civilization. Working for someone else’s company, in trade for wages. Such is life as a middle-class citizen.


Not a single person on the planet should rely on one job for money. This is incredibly dangerous and manic. For example, if a pandemic were to breakout, and all governments issue an emergency shut down. Then what? Go work at McDonald’s for 10$ per hour? What will happen to the family?

Youtube Channel


Stock Investing


Foreign Market Exchange


I have just given you 5 ways that you can start learning and making more money from the comfort of your home, and most importantly, on your phone!!

Smartphones are the best thing that has happened to technology, and yet here we are with people deciding to watch funny videos than try o build the life that they always dreamed about.

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