How To Spend, Save, and Invest Right Now

How to spend, save, and invest right now!

When spending, saving, or investing, it does not matter how old you are, what chapter, or how many chapters you may have! How you spend, save, and if at all invest is the real point of focus.

It is always a good time to start something new or learn something that may have once been seen as impossible or not for you. In today’s time of technology and medicine, it has never been easier to attain knowledge, and to improve your overall mental motivation for life!

Here is a basic list that may help you see a path towards a life that does not match what they taught in school!

How To Save, Invest, and Spend FOR ALL AGES:

Building The Foundation

The foundation of your knowledge, wealth, and overall health! This takes time, research, and a little bit of interest in what you’re wanting to learn! In order to build any business or building, you must have a strong foundation to put it on! Otherwise, your building will fail and fall down…

Education is by far the most important aspect when it comes to anything really. How are you supposed to give results, when you have no experience whatsoever. Sure you can learn by doing something, but how long will that take? Depends!

Creating new habits is just as easy as creating bad habits. However, how is one supposed to know what are bad habits? What if the environment has the same information and bad habits replayed over generations?

Education is something that can be “difficult” to find true and honest information about a subject or topic. That is why it is always good to check sources to other sources you find!

For example, on YouTube, you do a search. You find one video that really gives you the answer and information that you want. And that’s the only video you watch on the subject. Come to find out, that information was altered to promote false propaganda! It happens all the time. Do diligent research, and backcheck it to more research!

Shift To A Family Responsible Mindset

Think like a family leader (if not already) and guide your family and team to success and positivity. You must ensure your responsibility for having more dependants in your life! As any good boss or leader will experience at some point in their journeys.

Be responsible for the team’s mistakes, and your own mistakes. Your team’s mistakes, are YOUR mistakes. That is what it is to be a team and have responsibilities within that team.

Stay Focused On Your End Goal

What Is Your End Goal? WHY? The why in every situation or question will always be the most important part of any process. Looking forward to goals and the planned future may be exciting. However, rule #1 is you have to keep your feelings in check and work your way to success through consistency!

WHY put all this effort in, if you just decide to quit half way through?

Live and Prosper With Family Assets

The work is done and you can relax for the rest of your life. This, is the true definition of financial freedom and the American Dream.

True assets like real estate properties and dividend income is what people who know a thing or two about money, can actually prosper and retire for good! This is very well unknown, however that all depends on what you know, and don’t know about the world!


To save, invest, or spend money, it all starts with making that money. Money does not grow on trees unfortunately. However, there are SEVERAL ways to make money offline, and online! To invest right now is probably a good idea, as to the (2020) markets all over the world are currently a little shaky.. That’s just my opinion and am not a financial advisor!

Diligent self education and research

Save more than you spend!!

Understand WHY you’re researching this at all!

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