How To Invest In Yourself

How To Create And Break Habits
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A simple explanation of what it means to work for yourself

Investing in yourself, as in, being your own entity or boss. You are in charge of every part of a business.

Accounting, selling, marketing, psychology, sociology, etc. All can be overwhelming, however, science tells us that you should be doing the things that scare you, as opposed to what you are comfortable with!

Welcome to The Self-Driven Mindset

To invest in yourself is to spend time on growing your knowledge bank! Driving information into your brain, and double-checking your sources with more information! To be successful, you must consistently educate yourself, and others as a bonus.

In my studies and observations, I have found how easy it is for one to become comfortable. This feeling of comfort, is in fact a human instinct. It is a security measure our mind creates, to ensure it’s survival by the easiest and safest way possible.!

So why aren’t more people creating individual content?

When someone questions the status quo of their life, they may continue to search for more information on what is in their power of action! This mindset change, can cause SEVERE anxiety, troubled confidence, and worst of all, depression.

How long can you “Invest Into Yourself,” before someone else’s opinion starts rotting in your brain?

Learning a new topic or skill is uneasy for the majority of people. This can cause anxiety and even fear when change is unfamiliar for so long. For example, changing jobs, neighborhoods or countries, and also relationship partners.

Humans have grown to become comfortable with their surroundings. Even if their surroundings harm their overall health! Comfort is key!


Got A SmartPhone? Look It Up!

It has never been easier for humans to attain knowledge. It is literally all around us everyday.

Most companies have a computer system to handle all the data from their consumers and partners!

The world is going digital and is always evolving. It is getting closer and closer to a world where everyone will have their personal name as their personal brand. This still may be a long process, however the benefits of learning as much information you can is crucial to keeping up with the economy.

Triple Check Your Research

Double or triple-checking an article to other pieces of information can make or break your progress when attempting a new skill. How would someone ever listen to just one person and take every word in like it’s the secret recipe for absolute easy success?

I’ve got an amazing quote from one of my mentors:

“Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!!”

-Abraham Lincoln



Buy a Journal

Recording your thoughts in a journal is such an amazing tool when you want to make changes in your life, or just overall attention to what’s in front of you!


What Do You Like?

Create a list of your hobbies and interests! They are your greatest allies when it comes to creating something out of nothing. In life and in business, sharing the things you enjoy with others is priceless. However is doesn’t mean you can’t make a business out of what you love, right?


Do Your Research

There are no excuses when you do the research yourself. You are responsible for what you learn, implement, and receive. You can watch or read 100 blog articles, but if you don’t use the information correctly, then what was the point of learning all that? Do your diligent research if you want actual results.


Grow & Expand

Look at your sunrise and sunset. No matter where you are, you will always be able to expand your knowledge reach. The 2 best assets in this world is knowledge, and people. Having a great team who knows how to work and communicate can accomplish anything, Always be growing, always be expanding.

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