How To Create A Chronic Habit

How To Create And Break Habits
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Do you put your seatbelt on before, or after you start the car? That’s a habit.

Do you take a shower every morning before or after work? That is a habit.

Ever wonder why you’re not farther in life? And dream about that awesome life? Thinking that same thought can turn into a habit. These habits have a strong impact on how we see ourselves and what we do with our time!

Our thoughts can be our worst enemies. And when you constantly think about that same negative idea, you start to emit those thoughts into the world. (The results are constant frowning…)

Creating a good habit will show you what your discipline is like, and gives you an idea of how to pace your journey. Maybe, you don’t quit at all and have an awesome new habit to use! Good job!

Creating bad habits is just as easy, but can be more difficult to shake away. For instance, watching t.v. instead of working to progress on a school essay or musical project. Bad habits may not be seen as a bad habit for the individual.

Something that makes people react is being called out on their habits or decisions. This person may see the wiser decision, but their bad habits make it hard to get out of that procrastinating funk.

Scientific backed articles and reports have done studies; a group of 100 people or more revealed that it takes around the same amount of time for a habit to be broken, as it is to be created. This factor may be different for every person, however studies show habits usually form around 21 consistent days of activity.

Well I guess that’s it? All you need to do is do something consistently for 2-3 weeks and you’re golden!

Anyone can do this! But why doesn’t everyone do this? It’s that easy right?

I must disagree..

In recent posts, I have discussed the cause and effect of people and their mindsets. Where they put themselves on the “self-esteem scale.” How a person thinks about themselves can make or break someone’s will and passions.

You can’t live in fear. You can’t live with self-doubt.

Fear is an emotion. Fear can also be a habit by which an individual may have denied facing that fear over and over again. Resulting in a long-term memory of fear.

Self-doubt is not defined as an emotion, but maybe a mixture of past events and emotions connected.

Personally, I had a lot of anxiety due to bullying and improper teachings. Nevertheless, getting over these old habits was possible. The secret ingredient to breaking free is to get out of your regular comfort zone.


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