FREE Tactical Pen (U.S Only)

Free tactical pen (u.s only)

The #1 Tactical Pen

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The streets of our country are no longer safe.

Criminals hide in plain sight, searching for the next easy mark.

And it’s not getting better.

Last year violent crime in the United States rose 4.1 percent.

Increasing your risk every time you step out your front door.

• American patriots must have a way to defend themselves.
• Americans patriots deserve to feel safe in their daily life.
• Americans patriots need to be able to fight back.

Which is why I’ve spent months re-designing the Strikepen Black™

Building on all of the customer feedback and tests from the first version.

We’ve upgraded our signature Strikepen to make it lighter, more powerful, and deadly.

And as a thank you to all of our local customers, I’m releasing the first shipment of this product FREE to a select group of American patriots.

That’s right.

You get the premier tactical pen on the market, completely free.

I’ve got a long list of self-defense experts, retailers, and shoppers who have been waiting for this release. But we’re sending the first batch FREE to our friends.

American patriots have the right to be able to protect themselves and their family.

But there’s only a limited number.

Please go here to reserve your free Strikepen, now.


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