5 Ways To Make Money Online

5 Ways To Make Money Online Passive Income
In a world that is constantly upgrading, it only makes sense to make sure that you are upgrading with the world, versus being left behind.

Making money online has been a long time controversy in retrospect to, “Can making money online be an actual full-time gig?

To make money online, you first must understand that it is not going to be a short-term thing. This can take a lot of time and research to get the results that you’re looking for. However, the results are possible and with some self-determination, you will be able to create several flows of income in no time at all.

Ok. Let’s get right into it!

How To Make Money Online:

1.) Start Print-On-Demand Selling

What is print on demand? (Also known as P.O.D.)

Print on demand is exactly what it says, however it includes selling clothing and other products that gets your customized digital design printed on!

Have you ever seen somebody with a shirt of their boyfriend or girlfriend? Or maybe someone has a shirt and mug with their dogs’ faces on it! This is an example of a print on demand process, or screen printing has been another term for it!

The list above are companies and their websites that allow individuals all over the world to sell their designs on various products! What a world we all live in, am I right?

You can find links to my apparel collections and store fronts HERE!

2.) Freelancing On Fiverr

Put your skills to some good use! People all around the world are looking for pictures, management, and even digital content. In business and in life, you can’t do it alone. It’s always better to have a team. People to outsource to for help!

Your business is only as strong as your weakest link! And if you’re the boss and janitor, it’s all on you. So why not do a good job and make every corner of the business clean and efficient.

What Is Fiverr.com?

Be Your Own Boss!

Fiverr.com is a free, online freelancing service website! Allowing you to either become a freelancer and work for yourself online, or you can browse from the selection of other freelancers that offer digital services!

3.) Start Your Own Website/Blog

Personal Blog

To de-stress the mind and to let people know what you’re up to! This is an older idea for a blog, meaning it’s not too profitable. Nowadays, your mindset should be around customer service! Helping your audience find the answer to their questions!

Niche Focused Blog

To focus your entire website on a single topic, and giving people valuable information on that topic! The goal is to become the best ranked website for that specific topic or question. This takes consistency, research, and a big cup of coffee!

Company Or Brand Blog

Every company needs a website these days. However, most business owners are too busy to take the time to learn and make their website appealing to their customers! So, they outsource the work who is deemed a experienced for better results! Easy to understand right?

4.) Affiliate Marketing

There are several different forms of marketing. To affiliate market online, means that you do all the work in advertising products to your audience and consumers. A very strong tactic, this is all based on YOUR efforts and research. Do a good job!

Affiliate marketing works effectively for the merchant and the affiliate.

To start, a company offers opportunities to advertise their products to a larger market, which increases the chances to earn. The more affiliate websites or hard-working affiliates they get, the more sales they can expect!


By getting affiliates to market products and services, in return saves time, effort, and money in looking for possible markets and customers. You, the marketer, are in charge of creating reviews, content, ads, and pages that will help that product or company achieve more sales.

5.) Start A Youtube Channel

Why Is Youtube Such a Popular Platform?

By statistics, watching video content is the leading way people get information online! This is easy to understand, to which I find a lot of useful information to use for topics and ideas!

Where To Start?

Start on Youtube.com. You will be able to find some amazing references for different types of video content, and how to make it all happen behind the scenes! You’ll be searching the How-to’s, for the deeper How-to video topic.

Content creation is one of today’s rising trends that has a lot of room to grow. Creativity and Youtube go hand in hand. Use it to your advantage!

There are several different types of channels, videos, and topics to make content about! That’s the beauty of the Internet and working online. You never have to worry about not finding a topic to talk about. Because it’s most likely already been discussed on other websites or channels.

How To Start.

You need to prioritize and find what topics you like. Anything that you find yourself talking about all the time, or maybe other people always hear you talking about this-and-that! REMEMBER, be sure to remember that a personal channel, is just as good as a niche based channel! YOU are your best employee and asset!

I recommend journals or notebooks all the time to keep your ideas, scripts, and thoughts. I used to think that I could make a video out of thin air! And to my surprise, I was wrong. Write everything down! Have a rough draft, for your rough draft!

Let’s Start Together.

I too, have started a small YouTube channel. It is absolutely nothing at the moment. However, my plan in action is to use blog posts I have created on this website, and use them for my video scripts! How easy is that?!

Create Forever!


To make money online means to have consistency, diligence, and the understanding that it’s all up to you!

A business is like an infant! You must protect it and raise it to maturity! It will form and mold to the idea that you give and set in place as it develops and creates an identity in the world. To make money online, will most likely mean to have a business online! So get ready!

Self-education and determination, you will not find on the Internet. This is all up to us, the creators!

Goal: Research 5 videos on how to make more money online!

See what you come up with 🙂

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